Peak Table - Krion Deep Granite



Fabricated using Krion solid surface, this Peak table was made for a client’s garden in London earlier this year.

All the furniture on our website is white but we can fabricate any of our designs in over 100 solid surface colours. The clients selected Krion’s Deep Granite for their table as this colour is particularly resistant to UV rays and scratches.

They were undecided about which table thickness to choose – 24mm or 40mm so we created a render of both thicknesses to help them make their decision; they chose 40mm thickness. Paired with their orange Verner Panton chairs we think it looks great!

Peak Table Construction

Peak Table Construction

Peak Table - Construction

The complex angles were calculated for the table ends and the Krion was cut and glued into place.

Additional support

A ‘spine’ like section of Krion is added spanning the full length of the table underneath, this provides additional support to the tabletop.


The simplicity of this design lends itself well to many spaces inside and out, and with all our furniture made to order we can easily tweak the dimensions of any design to meet your specific requirements.

If the Peak table inspires you, please do get in touch and we would be happy to discuss how we could make this design work for you in your environment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements