Poly Prototype - Side Table / Seating



Inspired by the continual geometric trend, we wanted to create a piece of furniture which encompassed the complexity of geometrical shapes working together but also achieve a clean, uncluttered looking piece of furniture. Following a little research, we discovered the shape family of Polyhedrons – simply meaning a solid figure with many plane faces, typically more than six.

You may have guessed where the idea for the name came from!

As part of our design development and to assess the structural feasibility, we printed 1:10 scale 3D models of potential designs before proceeding with Poly.

3D models - Design Development

Poly - 3D Models of Design Development

The eight components were cut and four of them were glued together and held in place using a jig. This ensured there was no movement occurring when gluing up and fixing the clamps in place. This process was then repeated for the other half.

Components Cut Out



In order to glue the two parts together, an opening was cut into a sheet on a bench to provide stability. After the glue had dried, all it needed was a sanding down and our Poly was complete.

Joining The Two Halves



As you can see, as well as looking great indoors, this product is ideal for outside as a side table or occasional seating as its durable, non-porous and very low maintenance.

In The Garden

In The Garden

In The Garden

If Poly inspires you, please do get in touch and we would be happy to discuss how we could make this design work for you in your environment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements